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Good morning, dear hearts! Thank you for visiting. I'm just getting this thing rolling, but basically this is a way that you can join me in making this art on an ongoing basis. Get a discount on all merchandise for being in this fan-club-family, plus you'll get all my digital archives when you sign up! If you want to see something else in the perks -- a song written for you? A hand-painted postcard? VIP invite-only concert streams? Oh my goodness, just twist my arm already! I'm yours, in humble service with this precious music. <3 xx emay

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Dryfork, West Virginia

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I cannot thank you enough for listening. Thanks for being a part of my inner circle! Please let me know if you have any requests -- for songs, music, photos, art, you name it! If it's something I can juice my creativity out of, you'll have yourself an emay smoothie in no time. Huh? OK I just love you ok?!

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